World Business Center

Busan, South Korea
Asymptote's competition winning design for the new World Business Center Busan (WBCB) proposes a 560m tall tower that would place the project as among the tallest towers in Asia.
Design Concept
The innovative approach to the design of the WBCB tower challenges conventional models of such buildings confronting notions
of monumentality, singularity and the banality of rectilinear prismatic approaches. The Asymptote proposal is comprised of three separate, tapered towers rising out of a base building from the 50th floor and bundled for structural strength.
Initially the design was instigated as a calligraphic gesture in sketch form where the strokes of brush formed the first inklings of the resulting architecture that emerged as a strong abstract figure with a cultural nuance and pertinence set within the city fabric. The composition was inspired by the beauty and grandeur of the BUsan skyline, as this coastal city confronts on one side a backdrop of mountains and nature while on the other side the open and expansive sea.
At the top of the base building a public sky lobby provides spectacular views of the surrounding city and expansive vistas to the mountains and sea beyond. It is from this dramatic vantage point that the three slender towers rise even higher, gracefully tapering upwards framing a spectacular central void space and sky gardens.
Project Information
Date: 2007

Size: 289,000 sqm

Location: Busan, South Korea

Design Team:

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Theo Lalis Sarantoglou, Keeyhun Ahn

Design Team: Keeyhun Ahn, Theo Lalis Sarantoglou, Klaus Ransmayr

Angie Co, Andrew Bryant, Kasper Ax, Elise Delestre, Alessandro Gess,
Martin Henn

Client: Solomon Group


Local Architects: Gansam and Junglim Architects Seoul

MEP and Structural engineer: Arup New York

Fa├žade Consultant: Front, Inc. New York

Vertical Transportation: Lerch, Bates and Associates Inc.