University of Applied Arts Vienna

Vienna, Austria
The University of Applied Arts addition designed by Asymptote melds the rich architectural history of the school's urban surroundings with the dynamic and diverse program of a contemporary European art and design school.

The design strategy for expanding and updating the school's U-shaped complex of buildings consists of placing a new slab-like building in the existing central open space that the school now utilizes as a public realm. This 'insertion' thereby creates not only much needed studio space and the like, it also performs as a new façade and presence for the east wing of the building.
Studio spaces and a new performance hall are designed to overlook the courtyard, the architecture of these new components are showcased as part of the school's new exterior where large scale glazed apertures are designed to protrude from an articulated taught and modular building skin. The new facility is separated from the original structure by a multi-story void housing crystalline glass bridges that connect the new studio spaces to the new and original building's interior and studios. Key to the proposal is also a new and dynamic common area for students located at the base of the addition and beneath the soaring opens spaces that dramatically fuse the old and new buildings. The entrance level of the new building houses additional collective student spaces such as cafes, student lounges, lecture halls and an exhibition space, all accessible from and open onto the exterior courtyard and garden level. This strategy further activates and enhances what is currently the gathering locus and primary public space for the school's students, faculty and visitors.

Project Information
Date: 2012

Size: 50,000 sqm

Location: Vienna, Austria

Design Team:

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Maja Ozvaldic

Design Team: Maja Ozvaldic, Michael Young, Bika Rebek, Tara Hagan, Ping Hsieh, Kadri Kerge, Matthew Slattery, Valentina Soana

Client: University of Applied Arts Vienna


Structural Engineer: Knippers Helbig Stuttgart

Façade Consultant: Front, Inc. New York