UAE National Expo Pavillion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Asymptote designed UAE Pavilion for the Dubai Expo 2020 takes its inspiration from a blooming desert flower.
Such a flower that displays its lust for life is a perfect example of the power and beauty of nature as a life giving force.
Design Concept
The UAE is exemplary today for its embrace of innovation, optimism about the future, and celebration of cultural diversity, history, and modernity, all in the exact moment. We want to present to the world the UAE not as simply a place of quality and dignity on the world map but also as a location in the world where issues of climate change are being seriously tackled on all fronts, from solar power harnessing to food and drinking water production and the technologies that are bringing these aspects to all of humanity.
A perfect blend of technological exuberance with basic human needs as a centerpiece would be a powerful and welcome message to the world at the Osaka 2025 international expo. Today world expos have a mandate to not simply showcase nations and their prowess as did older expos, but rather to show the world answers to pressing questions.
Future Oriented Vision
To probe ideas, solutions, and roadmaps for the future of our planet in need of attention. The UAE should present it self at the forefront of this journey, offering ideas, answers, questions, and polemics to the public. It should be a leader of nations towards a sustainable, healthy future for humankind.