The Circle at Zurich Airport

Zurich, Switzerland
Asymptote's AirSpace complex, located on the Zurich Circle, directly across from Zurich Airport's international terminal, integrates contemporary design and advanced engineering to create a state-of-the-art addition to Zurich Airport.
The complex accommodates various functions, including commercial, cultural, hospitality, educational, and retail. It consists of four distinctive buildings linked to each other by "glass galleries" and a three-story plinth.
The design includes an open and contiguous interior public zone between the plinth level and the towers above, providing a seamless spatial experience of the entire complex. Enclosed pedestrian bridges connect the "AirSpace" buildings to the airport, landscaped terraces, and a public park.
Building's Silhouette
Inspired by the snow-capped mountains surrounding Zurich, the tower forms have a taught and elegant articulation, and dichroic louvers produce a luminous play of light on the tower's curved glass facades. Asymptote's AirSpace complex highlights contemporary airport sites as significant components of 21st-century urbanism by celebrating the overlap of public space and new active urban zones connected to the airport.