Strata Tower Condominium

Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAE
The StrataTower set on Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi, is a 40-storey luxury residential building boasting an elegant and dynamic facade and form. The architectural statement is the result of employing a strategy of simultaneous twisting and tapering the geometry that constitutes the tower form and gestural aspects. Then stemming from that approach, an intricate layered treatment of the façade allows for the integration of the tower with the podium base. The podium itself mediates between the towers stature and grandeur while being set on a waterside archipelago site. The base element houses the main lobby and public areas all overlooking gardens and the surrounding seascape. Large skylights are set into an articulated roofs capes of the base producing an architectural composition that provides a compelling dune like terrain beneath the spire.
Within these spaces are naturally light filled interior environments for housing an array of lounges, spas and interior pools. Inside the tower, the floor plates rotate around a central core and accommodate a variety of luxury residential typologies. At the base of the tower each of the 3 large wings houses two residential units; in the midsection each wing is entirely occupied by a single unit; in the upper floors duplex and triplex units occupy multiple floors while the very top accommodates a single multi-story penthouse and residential club. The tower is wrapped in a layered façade comprised of a high performance floor to ceiling glass curtain wall with a system of louvers suspended beyond the glass.

The environmental performance of the external louver system is optimized by varying the density of the louvers from one area of the facade to another in response to solar orientation and the self-shadowing that results from the building geometry. This geometry and the architecture of the facade in combination with the play of shimmering light effects from the surrounding water contributes to the compelling atmospheric and iconic quality of the StrataTower.

Project Information
Date: 2009

Size: 53,500 m2

Location: Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Design Team:

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Andrew Drummond

Project Managers: John Guida, Andreas Singer, Robert Hendrick, Chris Johnson, Kurt Hanzlik

Design Team: Alex Pincus, Kevin Estrada, Armand Graham, Klaus Ransmayr, Greg Derrico, Martin Zangerl, Danny Abalos, Sebastian Andia

Stella Lee, Marina Topinova, Michaela Tonus, Sander Schuur, Tom Raymont, Mariana Renifo, Rolando Liñeros, Daniel Gillen, Matthew Utley, Skylar Tibbits, Isabelle Rijnties, Tyson Hosmer, Hiroe Fujimoto, Waldemar Wilmer, Kyle Stover, Margaret Yoo, Christine Song, Mirai Morita, Michael Contento, Robert Wehinger, Daniel Garcia, Sean Bang, Josh Dannenberg, Adam Koogler, Siyoung Kim, Ann Wright, Ariane Stracke, Isabel Vargem, Bernardo Crespo, Jeff Walker, Frederica Casetti

Client: Aldar Properties, PJSC


Local Architect: Dewan Architects

Engineers MEP and Structural Engineer: Arup Façade

Consultant: Front, Inc.

BIM Consultant: Gehry Technologies

Environmental Design: Atelier Ten