South Hudayriat Island Master Plan

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Gazelle City

The South Hudariyat Island Master Plan proposal as envisioned by Asymptote celebrates the powerful natural and historical forces that formed this remarkable region over time. Abu Dhabi was first settled in 1761 by nomadic tribesmen in search of fresh water and its name literally means "son of the gazelle." This poetic and pragmatic beginning inspired Asymptote's master plan, a formation into the sea comprising housing, parks, recreational facilities, parkland, natural preserves, commercial zones and a myriad of public and private places.

At first glance the master plan mimics the beautiful and sensual forces of nature, land formations and water dynamics that almost seems to have carved away the land to provide perfect seaside residential plots and highly effective commercial areas throughout the development. The natural movement of the water, wind and sand have been taken into account in designing these land masses, places of inhabitation and recreation and the incorporation of pure natural parkland environments. The use of such flows of nature is not only a poetic and artistic response but, more importantly, an environmentally sustainable approach to planning and creating this new land mass in Abu Dhabi. Here the water movement and natural movement of air and light facilitate these environs with cool breezes, constantly changing water patterns and green lungs in the form of parks and parkland centrally located in the planning.
The project houses single-family homes, all accessible by waterway with private boating and mooring facilities and both major and minor roadways to facilitate traffic and movement. To offset the use motorways, and reduce the development's carbon footprint, an elevated light railway is planned effectively and intelligently within the scheme. The project also boasts landmark commercial zones modeled on those of other seaside commercial areas such as tho St. Tropez, the Gold coast and the Cote d'Azur. The parklands and nature reserves are all modeled on the notion of natural parks normally found in more temperate climates. All these park lands and green components of utilized in the housing and commercial areas as well are sustained by desalinated water plants, also integrated into the planning as well as intelligent and appropriate landscape engineering solutions throughout.

The use and combining of motor ways, light rail, pedestrian and bike pathways along with boat ways and water taxi's makes the entire plan an accessible and extremely powerful development project to rival any already underway in Dubai and elsewhere. Here the human element coupled with nature and technology make for a highly desirable and model loving environment in the region and globally. This is true urbanism coupled with clean and desirable waterside living and recreation. A perfect hybrid of the best of city space and suburban development in a new formation and typology for the 21 century. The design of Gazelle City takes into account not only lifestyle and well being, it also embraces a way forward for the development and growth of the city of Abu Dhabi that acknowledges its origins, history, nature and the future.
Project Information
Date: 2009


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director:

Design Team: Yi-Ju Chen, Brandt Graves, Richard Heger,
Matt Post