SKA Arena and Performance Center

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Stadiums, from their origins, are places of mass spectacle and centers of pride for cities. The facade concept for the SKA Sports and Concert Complex stadium is to surround the volume in an atmospheric cover that brings a forward-looking identity to the building.
Arena Facade Design
The tensile cable structure canopy uses mathematics and geometry to produce a floating cloud-like covering that plays against sunlight by day and motion-led lighting by night. The cables overlap and dance across the building's cylindrical volume producing a wide array of exciting and beautiful visual effects and phenomena.
Facade Light System
As the facade extends outward, it also produces a colonnade beneath it alongside the stadium's circumference, creating shaded areas where modular pop-up pavilions are placed along an elevated plaza. The undulating facade, coupled with a metal and glass weather-tight enclosure at the face of the stadium, is designed to be a unique and unprecedented envelope to put the stadium on the world stage.
Landscape Design
Asymptote developed the design for the park area surrounding the stadium. The concept of the landscape provides zoning for conducting different events and activities for the citizens. Including opened stadium, theater for live events and collection of movable pavilions.