Sejong Performing Arts Center

Sejong, South Korea
The new Sejong Performing Arts Center is a significant new cultural venue for Sejong and South Korea. The iconic building is an urban attraction celebrating the performing arts and communicating the city's commitment to cultural life.

Asymptote's design echoes the solidity and elegance of Korea's monumental buildings. It translates the curved roofs of its traditional architecture into a new contemporary language expressing the continuity of culture.

Physical model
Building Envelope
An elaborately articulated louvered facade performs as an urban-scaled sculptural gesture creating a unique identity for the building. Surrounding the building is the new Art Center Park, a green link between adjacent parks, the river, and the center of the old city.
Structural System
The primary structural system comprises frame and panel elements that are made from ultra high performance concrete and are able to achieve large spans with relatively thin material depths. A series of column and beam elements make up the overall frame by tracing the defining geometry of the facade. A series of UHPC panels span between the primary structural elements and are rationalized to achieve the envelope surface geometry with maximized repetition. The ultra high performance concrete allows for a facade and roof substrate that is simultaneously a structural system, facade system and vapour barrier, thus simplfying the overall building construction.
Interior Space
On the interior, the soaring curved ceilings create dynamic public open spaces and house the two large performance halls. On the exterior, an expansive glass facade to the west transforms an elevated lobby into an 'urban stage' that projects outwards towards the city.
Site Design
The site's design combines plazas, water features, and green spaces, reconciling the diverse character of its surroundings and weaving these together to create a significant new urban space for outdoor cultural activities. The Park is an urban extension of the Arts Center interior where films, festivals, performances, and other events enliven the space of the surrounding city