Riva degli Etruschi Eco_Resort

San Vincenzo, Livorno Italy
Architectural Concept
Asymptotes Eco_resort complex, designed for a 3km stretch of the Tuscan coastline, comprises 150 small private villas to be built to the highest environmental standards while being modern and contemporary in their design and functionality.
Eco_Resort Facilities
The buildings' eco-engineering features ensure minimal environmental impact, perfectly blending nature and luxury. Lush greenery, gardens, and farms surround each villa. Also, part of the master plan is several sports venues, restaurants, spas, and hotels.
Building Technics and Approach
Each villa is to be constructed from state-of-the-art prefabrication techniques, manufactured with zero-carbon emissions, and elegantly designed to maximize the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.
Private Villas
The private villas' interior spaces also utilize sustainable materials like recycled wood and natural stone. They are a testament to the resort's commitment to sustainability