PierSix – Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn, New York City, USA
The architecture, design and planning of PierSix by Asymptote is centered around the notion that any new, tall buildings along the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront should take as their impetus and inspiration three key parameters: The first being a contextual design sensitivity, to that of the neighborhood, the park and the environment.
The second parameter is that any new construction should be an elegant and sophisticated response to contemporary architectural tropes and design, and thirdly that the buildings project a forward-looking and enlightened approach to housing and lifestyle in line with local Brooklyn culture.

To achieve these three aspects, the design of the towers engages the issues of both scale and presence, taking inspiration from the architecture of light houses and other iconic markers historically found along waterfronts. The design is simultaneously a response to the building's proximity to the lush and diverse landscape of Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Project Information
Date: 2014

Superficie: 126 400 sqm
Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation