Perm Museum of Contemporary Art

Perm, Russia
Asymptote's design for the Perm Museum in Perm, Russia. This building is a striking representation of timelessness, housing art, and culture at the city's heart. The building envelope consists of two contrasting yet complementary materials that serve different functions.
Design Concept
The lower part of the building is wrapped in a sleek, mirrored metal surface that reflects and playfully distorts the surrounding site. Meanwhile, the upper half is clad in black timber that absorbs light and space, giving the building an aura of mystical anonymity. The separation between the underside and the roofscape creates a "crease" in the building's skin, allowing for the intermingling the external and internal worlds through light and views.
This formal gesture acknowledges the importance of the museum's interior life.
The building's tectonics follow an inverted landscape that traces the entirety of the building envelope, creating a surface that moves in counterpoint to the two terrains of the actual site and the Perm River. The result is a powerful singular object that enhances the city's cultural landscape. Overall, Asymptote's design for the Perm Museum is a stunning work of architecture that blends art, culture, and functionality in a unique way.