ÖBB Corporate Headquarters

Vienna, Austria
The ÖBB Corporate Headquarters for Austrian Rail as designed by Asymptote calls for a sophisticated, modern high-rise building in the center of Vienna. The building, which is located
at the Vienna Central Station, will allow several ÖBB companies previously dispersed in the city to be located at the same site.
Design Concept
The building consists of a five-story base section with a high-rise structure above that is divided into two different sections of different heights (88m and 67 meters). The base section includes spaces for public use, as well as for retail, services, food and drink, police and social services. A staff restaurant and conference center will also be located there. Modern flexible offices for up to 1,700 ÖBB employees are located on the upper floors (5th to 23rd floor).
The architecture that is sited on the south plaza of Vienna Central Station, has a flowing s-shaped floor plan in response to the stations retail requirements while the selected building depth and configuration of the internal core allow the maximum flexibility of office layout (groups, cells, combination offices, business clubs). The building is equipped with a double facade and has very low energy requirements due to concrete core activation and the ability to reuse waste heat.
Architectural Statement

Asymptote set out to design this building as an elegant addition to the Central Station architecture, bringing a sense of pride and dignity to OBB brand within the Austrian context. The architecture speaks in a subtle way about the efficiency and technological sophistication of Austrian Rail system and its ubiquitous presence in Austria as the ongoing primary mode of transport.
Project Information
Date: 2009

Size: 20,000 sqm

Location: Vienna, Austria

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Deign Team: Sebastian Andia, Theo Lalis, Greg Derrico

Client: HÖSBA – HABAU – Östu Stettin – BAI

Tenant: ÖBB – Austrian Railways