National Sports Hall, Forbidden City

Beijing, China
Located in the Forbidden City in Beijing a commissioned design proposal for a contemporary art exhibition venue combined with a state of the art Sports Hall.
About the Project
Asymptote Architecture National Sports Hall in the heart of Beijing's Forbidden City is a pavilion expressing the power and beauty of sport, combining cutting-edge design with functional spaces for national events.
The overall design of the sports hall, being modern and sleek, purposely contrasts the traditional architecture of the Forbidden City. Using curves and sweeping lines creates a sense of movement and dynamism.
Interior Space
The hall features an entertainment stage, full-scale basketball courts, and numerous other spaces designed for national sports events. The building envelope utilizes specially designed tensile fabric and lighting systems throughout the interior and exterior, creating a cohesive and visually stunning space.
Inside the pavilion, visitors are greeted bright and airy atmosphere created by the lighting system. The space is flooded with natural light during the day. At night, the carefully placed lighting highlights the contours of the fabric.
Innovation Meets Heritage
The sports hall design seamlessly blends modern technology and innovation with traditional architecture, creating functional and robust architecture. This pavilion is designed as a unique and eye-catching landmark in the heart of Beijing, showcasing the enduring power of sport and culture.