Port Terminal Miami

Miami, USA
An elegant gateway terminal for an international cruise line set along Miami's famous MacArthur Causeway.
Architectural Concept
Port Terminal Miami is not only a perfectly engineered facility for handling large groups and flows of people both to and from far away places, but also an elegant, awe-inspiring architectural project. The Miami Royal Terminal is designed as a place that celebrates the wonder and magic of travel, a building that from its shape to its spatially speaks to the idea that experiencing a Cruise is a magical time for families couples, adults and children.
Silhouette of the building
The architecture's distinctive silhouette is the first glimpse that one sees either driving by on the causeway or from the sea on approach. The distinctive lines of the architecture allude to seascapes and far away dreamscapes.
The building offers itself as a portal to the imagination and is not simply a place one goes to check in or drop luggage but a place to fuel wanderlust and excitement. The buildings halls and interiors carry this philosophy and approach forward. The spaces are abstracted landscapes made of lines and light reminding one of islands, star gazing and the shimmer of the sea on a long poetic journey towards the horizon. This architectural story along with the efficiencies of passengers being accommodated to make their journey pleasurable and easy from the moment of arrival at the terminal be that by car, bus or taxi to the moment of embarkation the journey begins as one of delight and ease.
The building and its architecture are thought of by Asymptote as a brand extension, a massive and sophisticated billboard that is seen 24/7 as a significant and key aspect of Miami's progressive and forward thinking new architecture
Project Information
Design Team