Flux 3.0 M_Scapes Installation

Kassel, Germany
Flux 3.0 M_Scapes is a large scale digitally augmented virtual-real environment derived from and structured upon the skylines and sounds of three major global cities New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The installation used digital technologies to abstract and re read the cities in order to form the immersive installation work.
The project was first installed in the "Binding-Brauerei" exhibition space at Documenta XI, on the invitation of Okwui Enwezor, opening on June 8, 2002 in Kassel. The installation was reinstalled later at the NAI in Rotterdam The Netherlands, as part of Asymptote's first survey exhibition, ' The Asymptote Experience' curated by then director of the NAI Aaron Betsky.
The skyline images that were used were each turned into binary digital data that could be redeployed as both projections into the space and data for soundscapes to be played as part of the installation. Within the space suspended above eye level, were abstract works modeled as abstractions of 'speed bodies'. The forms were the result of a remodeling and abstraction of auto bodies, aerospace and nautical fuselages and the like, becoming three dimensional 'canvases' able to receive the digital imaging of the revolving sound emanating city scapes.
Thereby playing and replaying the cities themselves as visual and auditory soundtracks and data. Cultural nuances, inflections and 'fingerprints' of each city were made evident in the experience of the installation, which further intensified the experience by the use of a mirrored room which extended the resulting urbanism infinitely in all directions, providing an experience of being in the underbelly of a vast abstract metropolis.
Project Information
Date: 2002

Location: Documenta XI, Kassel, Germany

Design/Artists: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Assistants: John Cleater, Noboru Ota

Manufacture: SEAL, Long Island, New York