Hyundai Flagship

Seoul, South Korea
The Hyundai automotive showroom in Seoul is designed to showcase the latest automotive technologies and design approaches. Asymptote Architecture has created a state-of-the-art showroom unlike any other in the world. The showroom's concept is based on being a sizeable multidimensional living vitrine situated in the city of Seoul , as an architectural icon that creates an immersive and dynamic environment for visitors.
Upon entering the showroom, visitors experience the innovative design of the space. The interiors are sculptural and dynamic, with tectonic forms inspired by the valves and motors. The use of cutting-edge technologies and design approaches is evident throughout the showroom, creating a unique and immersive experience for visitors.
Exhibition Space
One of the most impressive aspects of the showroom are the rotating full scale holographic cars. This innovative feature lets visitors view the latest Hyundai models before being in production from every angle, providing a unique perspective on the vehicles' design and features. The use of holographic technology in the showroom also adds to the futuristic feel of the space, with custom holographic VR and AR testing areas allowing visitors to see the latest technology in action.
Driving Simulation
Driving simulators are also a vital aspect of the showroom, allowing visitors to experience the latest Hyundai models in a virtual environments. This feature provides a realistic and exciting driving experience, giving visitors a taste of what it's like to get behind the wheel of a new Hyundai vehicle.