Guadalajara Museum of Contemporary Art

Guadalajara, Mexico
The design for the Guggenheim Museum in Guadalajara, Mexico. Sites the building on a cliff's edge overlooking a spectacular terrain reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in the US, the Baranca. The project seeks to merge a modern, highly sculptural building within a spectacular nature environment.
Design Concept

At this unique site the dense chaotic urban fabric terminates at an astonishing infinite vastness of a landscape known at the Barranca. The Museum design embraces this condition and creating a spectacular urban post and immense 'balcony' as an unparalleled spatial experience. By lifting the entire Museum off the ground and elevating it 18m above the plaza below, the building takes advantage of the precipitous edge of the canyon enveloping a new kind of urban public space.

The Architectural Interpretation
The Museum is elevated a 'cultural zokolo' where one can access the museum which is done so by ascending an 18m high escalator to enter into the 'belly' of the Museum. This new cultural modern Zócalo is contained by four corner buildings that rise up to support the sweeping underbelly of the museum above, this new space functions simultaneously as a viewing platform, a gateway, a gathering place, an urban theater and outdoor exhibition space that serve local citizens and museum visitors alike.
Public Space
The museum's design provides visitors with a unique experience, offering stunning views of the natural surroundings while showcasing modern and Mexican art. Once inside, visitors can move about the vast interior to access collections of both international modern art and Mexican modern art. The high and expansive space allows for the installation of large sculptures both outside and inside the museum. The museum celebrates its spectacular surroundings with immense, powerful windows overlooking the extraordinary mountain cliffs and valleys outside. The new plaza is connected to the interior of the Museum above by two large inclined volumes housing escalators that provide a dramatic entrance experience while overlooking the spectacular landscape.
The multi-storey Museum lobby is a highly animated public domain that accommodates a range of amenities such as café, museum shop, reading room, education center and theaters that are designed to be publicly accessible and separate from the ticketed gallery spaces.
Exclusive Experience
The Guggenheim Museum in Guadalajara is not just a space to display art; it is an art piece carefully designed to complement the natural environment. Its elevated position and unique design create a sense of awe and wonder, drawing visitors into an immersive experience of art and nature.