FCD Yongsan Master Plan and Towers

Seoul, South Korea
Asymptote's master plan for the FCD (Financial Central District) precinct located at the Yongsan site in the center of Seoul is designed to produce a choreographed three-dimensional planning strategy and silhouette on the skyline of the city.
The new approach to master planning at this scale allows for not only the conventional layouts and programming according to usage, density and space allocation, it also allows for three dimensional view corridors, proximity planning, environmental optimization and other new approaches to building massing and design.
Through the calibration of the heights and massing of all of the towers relative to each other the master plan adheres to rules of placement, composition and adjacencies that help form an efficient, elegant and highly optimized new city center.
The strong and vibrant image that has been created for the new Yongsan district reflects an attitude to 21C developments in the Seoul context that embrace environmental sustainability, technological progress, modern elegance and sophistication. At the ground level the podium buildings frame and contain a vast horizontal green network of parks, urban spaces, cultural amenities, as well as an efficient layout of new streets, bike paths, pedestrian pathways, and various other public places and venues. Above the parks and green expanses the surrounding spires produce a verticality that is awe-inspiring. The master plan integrates human scale and needs with the necessity of a new vital, vibrant and efficient central business district for 21C Seoul.
Project Information
Date: 2008

Site area: 500 acres

tower area: 300,000 m2

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Volkan Alkanoglu, John Guida

Design Team : Sebastian Andia, Matt Post, Christoph Ziegler, Kee Hyun Ahn

Daniel Gillen, Richard Heger, Julie Bogdanowicz, Ariane Stracke, Jonathan Kleinhampel, Ben Ritter, Julia Elise Hoins, Francesco Lopez-Martinez, Tae-Hyung Park, Ji Young Kim

Client: Yongsan Development Co., Ltd Seoul Kora

Landscape Architect: Buro Kiefer

Structural Engineer: Thorton Thomasetti New York

Mep Engineer: Flack & Kurtz New York

Civil Engineer: Langan

Environmental & Sustainability: Transsolar

Cost Estimation & Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon

Interactive & Digital Media: Art + Com Berlin

Facade Consultant: Billings Design Associates

Urban Metrics: Space Syntax