Dubai 2020 Expo Pavilion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Asymptote designed UAE Pavilion for the Dubai Expo 2020 takes its inspiration from a blooming desert flower.
Such a flower that displays its lust for life is a perfect example of the power and beauty of nature as a life giving force.
Design Concept
The pavilion's architecture, planning, and concept is based on two important aspects. One, being that it is an architecture that will be a powerful and elegant voice and face to the world, signifying and communicating the beauty, intelligence, and aspirations of the Emirate as expressed though technology, connectives, shared minds, and intellect.
The poetics of architecture
The buildings' sensual form reflect the land and sea scapes that fold and define the lands of the Emirates, the poetics of its architecture, the aspirations for its future, and its technological and artistic prowess. The building symbolically represents and showcases the UAE's commitment to the health and well-being of the globes' environment, it speaks to the beauty of nature, and points the way to a healthy and optimistic future of the planet.
Project Information