Equine Park
Master Plan

Penang, Malaysia
The winning proposal for the new Penang Turf Club redevelopment master plan by Asymptote was predicted on the generating of a new planning principal and image for the City of Penang. By creating an entirely new precinct in the foothills near the city center Asymptote was able to complement the existing character of the city while taking advantage of the natural beauty that sits as a backdrop to the historic city.
Design Concept
The mountainous surroundings and landscape behind the site became the impetus for this scheme, where the architecture and planning is predicated on the flows of air, green space and natural fissures into and through the site. This delicate interweaving of the manmade and natural performs at the urban scale affording a new model for a rich and dynamic urbanism for the future of Penang.
This fissure like tectonics also served to generate a complex and sophisticated topographic condition and allowed for the design of programmatically differentiated strips. These discreet strips then in turn where designed to accommodate a wide range of uses from recreational activities to outdoor public spaces for public gatherings, festivals, outdoor performances and exhibitions. The center of the site accommodates a concentration of public urban functions including the main cultural programs, a convention center and hotels.
The range of building types envisioned for the master plan comprise of a variety of high-rise towers at the base of the mountain to low and mid-rise linear blocks that extend from the hills into the striated landscape of the site. The proposed high-rise towers are nestled at the base of the nature reserve of Penang Hill and overlook the site as well as the city and sea beyond. Set against the lush natural backdrop of the hills these towers are intended to be landmark buildings that are emblematic of the new sustainable Penang where the natural landscape and contemporary urbanism should and must coexist.
Project Information
Date: 2004 - 2005

Size: 1,447,100sqm

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Jill Leckner, Fernando Velasco

Design team: Fernando Velasco, Eric Goldemberg, Noboru Ota

Asako-Hiraoka-Sperry, Jose Munoz, Carlo Aiello, Christoph Ziegler, David Campos, Christiane Wenke, Clarissa Lenz, Claudia Cipriani, Stefan John, Christopher Horger, Kara Yamagami, Eduardo Ramirez, Andy Pluess

Client: Equine Group Kuala Lumpur

Local Architect: Pakatan Reka Arkitek Sdn Bhd

Structural Engineer: Smit Westerman Engineering

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultant:

KTA Tenaga Sdn Bhd

Traffic Engineering: Perunding Trafik Klasik Sdn Bhd

Quantity Surveyer: Juru Ukur Bahan

Glass/Curtain Wall Consultant: Octatube Glass/Curtain Walls Delft Netherlands