Emerald Island Performing Arts Center and Technology Park

Shenzhen, China
Emerald Island in Shenzhen China, responds to the newly acquired status of Shenzhen being designated "City of Design", awarded by UNESCO in 2008, and proposes for the city's Emerald Island project the formation of a focal point for the city's technology industries to the west of Shenzhen's CBD.
Project Program
The project consists of office space, two hotels and a state-of-the-art performing arts center. The 10-hectare landscape of gardens sits on a water front site and is populated by a complex of articulated and technologically advanced buildings. The site enfolds and captures a vibrant micro-urbanism of public activity set alongside company workspaces and a campus like setting.
Urban Importance
Shenzhen Emerald Island Tech Center and Performing Arts Hall introduces a space that fosters creativity, urbanity and vitality, set on a cultivated landscape of openness efficiency and beauty pointing the way to towards a creative and active future for Schenzen culturally and economically.