Dminti Metaverse

DMINTI, a forward-thinking digital arts company that collaborates with the world's leading and emerging contemporary artists to bring crypto fluency into the traditional art world, has partnered with internationally renowned architect, Hani Rashid and his expert digital design practice Asymptote Architecture, to launch the DMINTI Metaverse.
Digital Venue for Artists
DMINTI's vision for this art metaverse is to build interactive, multigenerational communities with a shared 3D canvas for all NFT projects cultivated with partnering artists and curators while serving as a cultural institution for collectors. The DMINTI Metaverse offers a democratized point of entry for a broad-range of communities by providing access to multidisciplinary artists and other creatives dedicated to digital experimentation. DMINTI's Metaverse provides the tools for artists to explore virtual reality spaces and experiment in this new domain to create, exhibit, and sell.
Architecture Within New Digital Domain
The rapid development of VR and AR technologies opens the whole new horizons to explore and experiment to reveal new qualities of architecture within a new domain. Dminti Metaverse project is a great example of how architectural practice can shape digital environments to create intriguing virtual venues for people to meet and communicate from all around the world without any barriers.
Virtual Auditorium
Dminti Metaverse as a venue for artists has distinctive versatility. Digital environments created by Asymptote Architecture serve not only for artists to exhibit their art, but places to give public talks or make cross-platform presentations in Auditorium Space.
Dminti Metaverse Launch Event
DMINTI's exclusive partnership with Hani Rashid revolutionizes how digital art can be created and experienced using VR technology and AR technologies. Dminti Metaverse Launch event was cunducted at Asymptote Architecture office in New York.
Explore Dminti Metaverse
The DMINTI Metaverse can be accessed on and is accessible via mobile, desktop and VR headsets.