Miele Flagship New York

New York, USA
The new Manhattan flagship store for Brazilian fashion designer Carlos Miele celebrates Miele's unique perspective and attitude toward design. The architecture of the store embraces a culture of modernity while acknowledging traditional cultural aesthetics. These aspects of Miele's work inspired the architecture, being both a retail environment, and a sculptural backdrop for his work.

The architectural environment is a spatial narrative centered primarily on an abstract reading of Brazilian culture, landscapes, and architecture while also being a contemporary Manhattan experience in what is a quickly transforming part of the city that was once the meat packing district. . The space is shaped as an expression of exuberance by the coolness and precision. The environment is a designed as an intersection of the worlds of fashion, art, and architecture.

Space Planning
The space consists of two-tone, high-gloss epoxy flooring with embedded neon and halogen lighting set in tempered glass rings. The curved, formed steel hanging displays cantilevered from the walls sit above lacquered bent plywood display units below.
Interior Spacial Experience
The storefront window display areas and the circular changing room environment are backlit illuminated floors and walls using 3M diffusion film, plexiglass, and fluorescent lighting. The ceiling, a contoured surface, is formed from a high-gloss, stretched, PVC-based material produced by Barrisol. The store's centerpiece is a large floor-to-ceiling sculptural form that traverses the entire interior space