Busan Opera House

Busan, South Korea
The New Busan Opera House design by Asymptote is conceived not simply as a pace to hear and 'view' music, but rather as an architectural statement celebrating tempo, harmony and spectacle.
About the Project
Asymptote Architecture's visionary design for the new Busan Opera House in South Korea boasts an exquisite interior within the central auditorium, crafted explicitly for superior acoustic performance and stunning architectural aesthetics.

The iconic 'flowering' geometric pattern featured on the building's exterior is carried over into the interior design of the concert hall, featuring state-of-the-art acoustic surfaces, perfectly positioned cantilevered balconies, and an interior that rivals the most renowned opera houses worldwide, including Caracalla and the Sydney Opera House.

Two distinct entry points facilitate access to the main Opera House and Theater complex. Visitors can ascend a grand escalator connected to the city on the land-side or opt for vehicular and pedestrian bridges leading to the heart of the site and complex. Upon entering, the foyer greets guests with a sweeping view of the indoor plaza.

This magnificent hub offers easy access to both performing arts venues and the sky bridge back to the city. From this vantage point, one can behold breathtaking panoramic views of Busan's downtown, the waterway, and the mountains beyond, all adding to the Opera House's unparalleled allure.