Buekenhoff Worship Pavilion

Schiedam, The Netherlands
The Beukenhof auditorium and crematorium are comprised of timeless architecture that will serve events of commemoration, celebration, and remembrance today and well into the future.
Design Concept

The building is conceived to become part of the collective imagination and vital to the community's spiritual, cultural, and artistic life. As with many timeless works of architecture, the building can be used to enjoy musical performances, art exhibitions, poetry readings, and other cultural events.

Cultural Aspect
The architectural design's contemporary and abstract quality celebrates the region's many diverse cultures. It addresses the unique traditions, rituals, and sensibilities of the different faiths that the building accommodates. The tranquil and pristine nature of the building's envelope merges the exterior architectural form with its natural surroundings. The architecture is experienced in harmony with the serene landscape that sits alongside beautiful tree-lined canals.
Light and Atmosphere
The water flowing on the building's surfaces and collecting in adjacent pools produces a play of light and sound that imbues the architecture with a powerful but peaceful atmosphere. The inspirational backdrop of the physical environment works in tandem with the building's atmospheric quality to create a poetic work that embraces nature and life. The sculptural exterior form of smooth flowing surfaces houses spaces for gathering and procession, reflection, and meditation.
Architecture of Serenity
A delicate pattern of apertures in the roof creates interior spaces bathed in diffused and modulated light. These elements complement the physical form of the structure and make a meaningful and unique addition to the architecture of Schiedam.