Budapest Bank Tower

Budapest, Hungary
Design Concept
Asymptote's design for the new HQ for the Budapest Bank consists of two interconnected towers along the Danube River in Budapest. These subtly twisting and tapering towers rise out of the site to reveal a shifting juxtaposition of solid and void that varies depending on ones angle of view. As the geometry shifts and turns the buildings effectively address both the Danube River and the historic center of Budapest simultaneously.

Public Space
The overall massing of the Budapest Bank is the result of an innovative structural strategy and creative optimization of zoning requirements for light and air. At the entrance level, the base of the towers artfully negotiates and accommodates the asymmetrical site enclosing a new public space within a spectacular atrium. Spanning between the two towers, the roof of the atrium consists of a suspended glass ceiling that provides views of the two twisting and tapering forms rising towards the sky.
The architecture of the Budapest Bank towers creates a striking and dynamic presence in the skyline of new Budapest, an important iconic structure that will also serve as a catalyst for future development of this new urban precinct.
Project Information
Date: 2006

Size: 50,352 sqm

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Design Team:

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Jennifer Mujat-Kearns, Justine Groves

Design Team: Greg Derrico, Ariane Stracke,

Erick Carcamo, Daniel Gillen, Andreas Singer


Local Architect: Pozitan Studio Budapest Hungary

MEP Structural Engineer: ARUP New York

Local MEP Engineer: Koros Konsult

Local Structural Engineer: APSE KFT, Almesi and Partners

Structural Engineers KFT

Fa├žade Consultant: Front, Inc. New York

Client: Orco property Group