BMW Event and Delivery Centre

Munich, Germany
Asymptote's design for the BMW Event and Delivery Centre embodies the sophistication and advanced technological aspects of the BMW brand and incorporates new material technologies developed in both architectural and automotive design. Molded composite materials and compound-curved metal elements are incorporated into the design of the building's enclosure, drawing upon BMW's tradition of innovative design.
Design Concept
The main building programs are the BMW Event Centre and the BMW Delivery Center which consist of two interlocking spatial components that are physically divided but visually connected. Pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems are housed in glass-enclosed ramps that overlap and wrap around these spaces. The ramping systems define the form of the building and allow a fluid, constantly changing interior experience of people, products and events.

Public Space
The building is designed as a platform from which to view the surrounding landscape including the adjacent Olympic park. The entry level provides a pedestrian connection through to the Olympic Park and accommodates the main public functions including an exhibition space for the display of vehicles, prototypes and new technologies as well as a lecture/performance space and branded shops.
Driving Experience
Located above and connected by the internal ramps are the Premiere Delivery Area and Event Centre where BMW purchases are made and products brought to the customer. After a celebratory handing over the keys in the Event Centre the new car owner descends to the Delivery Area to take possession of their new BMW. From there the owner drives their new car down the vehicular ramp, circulating around and through the building, to finally perform a kind of victory lap around the exhibition space before exiting to the street.
In Asymptote's design for the BMW Event and Delivery Center the movement of the automobile is fully integrated with the architecture, it is an essential part of the interior experience and serves to generate a unique building form that is itself an extension to the BMW brand.
Project Information
Date: 2001

Size: 15,000 sqm

Location: Munich, Germany

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Design Team: Florencia Maria Pita, Noboru Ota, Ruth Berktold

Birgit Schoenbrodt, Ruth Ron, Renate Weissenboeck, Hannah Yampolsky, Alain Merkli, Moritz Schoendorf

Client: BMW Welt Munich