Audi Salone del Mobile Installation

Milan, Italy
Asymptote's a project for Audi, an installation in Arco d' Pace, Milan, for the Milan Design Fair. This impressive installation showcased the future of sustainable architecture, energy use, and the exciting possibilities of working with new and untested materials and strategies for architecture.
Design Concept
The installation was a prototype for a sustainable future, where sunlight would create all the energy needed. The tubes, some filled with algae, would harness the sun's energy. The energy generated would power not only the building but also new E_Tron electric cars of Audi.
This project was a powerful statement about the importance of sustainability in architecture and the need for new and innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. Asymptote's design points the way to an inspiring vision of what the future of sustainable architecture could function and look like.
The installation was set up in the famous square, consisting of a series of tubular structures clad in 'bricks.' These bricks were kinetic and could mechanically open and close the frame.