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Alessi Spa Crusinallo, Italy

Desk-Top Architecture

The workspaces at home, in offices or as mobile and temporary require intelligent and beautiful artifacts. Objects that speak not only of efficiency and productivity,
but are also of aesthetic experiences, of landscapes, architectures, sculpture, life. Desk-Top Architecture is inspired by urbanism and the city where these aspects have always coexisted with productivity and commerce. Desk Top Architecture is a transformed and rescaled micro-cosmos that occupies and consumes the workspace before us where the desktop itself becomes a site of artifacts that can be used as well as an experience. Desk-Top Architecture aspires to bring a harmonic order to the chaos of our working environment, through the design of architectural objects that organize not only the paperwork but also the mind.

Project Information
Date: 2005

Location: Crusinallo, Italy

Design Team:

Design: Hani Rashid

Team: Lise Anne Couture, Noboru Ota


Alessi S.P.a Italy