166 Perry Street CondominiumThe HydraPier Pavilion

New York, New York
Asymptote's design for 166 Perry Street comprises of an eight-story, luxury condominium building located in the West Village of Manhattan. The building mediates and reconciles in its form and materials on the one side the vibrant and dense urban context in which it is situated and on the other hand the location on the west side drive overlooking the Hudson River.

The architectural assembly and composition celebrates the varied forms of architectural expression within the urban context of the west village while taking full advantage of the light and open space directly to the east of the building.
Within the building there are 27 loft-like residences units each uniquely designed by Asymptote. Each unit contains custom fixtures, bathrooms and materials as part of an overall design strategy towards uniqueness, elegance and refinement.

On the buildings exterior carefully angled glass panels form surfaces on the building's façade that enhance the visual effects of the surrounding environment. The facade's treatment allows for the dematerialized quality of reflections and the modulating qualities of light to prevail, forming an ever-changing exterior. Here, the changes in light and atmosphere set against the angled surfaces of the building's exterior afford a building façade that is in a constant state of animation and movement, a gesture accompanying the musical and dynamic aspects of urban life in New York City.
Project Information
Date of Commencement: 2006

Date of Completion: 2010

Size: 5000 sqm

Location: 166 Perry Street, New York

Design Team:

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture

Project Director: Jennifer Mujat-Kearns, Christopher Johnson, Oliver Kienzi

Design Team: Jennifer Mujat-Kearns, Christopher Johnson, Oliver Kienzi,

Jill Leckner, Asako Hiraoka-Sperry, Fernando Velasco, Erick Carcamo,

Stella Lee, David Lessard,

Kara Yamagami, Marina Topunova, Michela Tonus, Hengchai Chen,

Karl Kessler, Jenny Chow, Ruben Useche, Salvador Lopez, Natalia Ibañez Lario,

Carl Kessler, Marcia Akermann, Karen Lee, Jong Kouk Kim, Kristen Willey, Laura Trevino, Natalia Ibanez Lario, Tsuyoshi Nakamoto, Max Knoll, Adrienne Broadbear, Salvador Lopez Folch, Vincente Rodriguez, Daniel Castro, Peter Heller, Fabian Morales, Arthur Terry, Allen Sorensen, Luis Galan Garcia, Kasper Ax, Ching-Mou Hou, Frank Melendez, Haakon Aarseth, Friederike Von Eichel-Streiber, Hiroe Fujimoto, Isabelle Rijnties, Alex Bulygin, Elliot White, Leigh Jester

Client: Perry Street Development Corp.


Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates, p.C.

Façade Consultant: Front, Inc., heitmann & Associates

Lighting Consultant: Tillotson Design Associates